Family Owned and Operated

Depending on who you ask on team Scrunchie King you will get a different version of our origin story. The most important story is that through many challenges and even more obstacles, we are building a strong family business that makes quality products in the USA, provides great service to our customers, and contributes to our community.

Made in the USA

Our products are made in the USA by our skilled team. We are
committed to purchasing as many fabrics and supplies that are manufactured in
the USA as we can. Our family understands the challenge and value of buying supplies
and selling products that are made in the USA.

What's Next

We are always finding new ways to add value to our products
and one way is with our custom printed products. We offer custom printed
scrunchies and headbands and a few new products in development. Our custom
printing service allows our customers to order in small to wholesale batches of
scrunchies and headbands with their company logo or design, a team logo, or a pattern
or design on it. Contact us at scrunchieking@gmail.com
for pricing and details.